Salt room

Halotherapy – it is a medication free treatment by artificially creating a microclimate of salt mines in a constantly supported temperature and constant humidity.

Walls of the Salt Room, ceilings and floors are covered with a layer of salt. Through special openings in the room dry salt (Sodium Chloride) aerosol is blown in. Salt particles are so small that it reaches not only the upper but also the lower respiratory tract, as well it lightly covers the skin. Salt has anti-inflammatory, bronchial tubes relaxing, mucus thinning, inflammation-reducing effects and protects respiratory tract from various infections. Being in such environment it does affect positively overall human well-being. During the treatment positive immune system developments take place and overall immunity systems is strengthen, which increases resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

Halotherapy is used for:

•lungs, skin and respiratory tract pathology treatment as well as immunity strengthening;

•respiratory hygiene;

•viral infections and various cold prophylaxis;

•various allergies for household and industrial irritants;

•increased sensitivity for chemicals;

•in case of depression and other mental illnesses.

Price of 1  halotherapy procedure - 18LT

Buying 10 halotherapy procedures price – 150Lt